Frenchletter is a mail retrieval agent, similar in concept to programs like Fetchmail, Retchmail or Frenchie. Indeed the name comes from a combination of Frenchie, Fetchmail and healthy dose of interpretation and innuendo. In its current state, it works, and works well, but is slow by comparison with certain of the programs I've mentioned. It is simple to configure, unlike Fetchmail, and essentially Just Works. However, I am not recommending it to users at this time, because I believe Retchmail is by far the superior app for this purpose. At the time I wrote it, I hadn't heard of Retchmail, and it's probably some indication of how good I believe Retchmail to be that I wouldn't have bothered if I had. Download it, play with it, take it apart, pinch bits, do what you like. It is offered with no warranty. I make no assurances that it won't blow up your house, eat your wife, or rape your dog.



I'm currently getting together stuff I'll need to create my own sub notebook. It will be based on a 266Mhz Geode processor, on a teeny, tiny (business card sized) SBC board. I'll be using the case of an Apple Emate 300, and getting a host board built to accomodate the SBC and ports and suchlike. This is all very well, but the reason I'm writing this under "software" is that I'll also be taking a small linux distribution and creating a GUI, and abstracted environment for the user to work in. This environment will be called PrometheOS, since the machine itself will be Prometheus (pretentious, I know, but hey, you go build your own custom notebook and see how humble you feel :)). Don't expect stuff to start happening just yet, but when it does, I'll put the info up here.

Oriblog 0.03

Those of you who are paying attention will have noticed the version bump. This is due to a wee, tiny buglet I spotted. Actually it was more of a documentation error. Anyway, suffice it to say, the scripts have been updated and anyone using them (I know of precisely one person apart from me :)) should upgrade and read the new README.

Another update, to fix a couple of bugs I discovered when reinstalling my site from a backup. People who may have tried it and found it didn't work should possibly try again. Stupidity happened, I'm afraid. Anyway, it's fixed now and should work fine.

This is the blogging script I run here on As with Frenchletter, it's made available with no warranty, expressed or implied, and may consume your spouse or significant other at any time. If you like it, use it, if you don't, I won't feel bad. It comes with docs to get you started and everything you need to get the system running.